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Mel Armstrong home page

Proud Gomeroi woman, healer,
mentor, international best‑selling author

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this site contains the names, images, and voices of people now passed and resting in the Dreaming.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land, The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; our First Nations people and we pay respect to our wisdom holders, all Elders, past present and emerging.

We honour the Stolen Generations, we acknowledge the impact that colonisation has had and the ripple effect through the First Nations people of this land, their communities & their traditions. We acknowledge the courage and strength it has taken to continually strive forward for cultural safety; reclaiming their sovereignty, their voice and their safety to practice their culture and speak their language in connection with their Ancestors and original traditions.

We acknowledge and extend our respect to Elder's past, present and emerging of all traditions that share this beautiful land.

We acknowledge the courage and heart that it will take as we walk forward together to participate in the challenging conversations required for change, to face, accept and acknowledge all parts of our shared history. To tell the truth and hear the truth, and the courage it will take to validate the experiences of our First Nations people as we hold each other, to heal with great respect as we co-create a culturally safe, inclusive and wonderous place to live.

Copyright © Mel Armstrong

Proud Gomeroi woman

Stolen generation

Mel is a proud Gomeroi woman who has spent the past 17 years working with spiritual teachers of different traditions and modalities. Mel is a descendant of the Kim family from Tamworth, Uralla, Armidale, Rocky River and Walcha.

Spending nearly 20 years in the health and wellness industry, predominantly community mental health, Mel was drawn to work with people living with trauma and working in the framework of recovery focussed practice. 

Mel was introduced to her family of origin in her early 20s. This sparked a 25 year journey of learning and reconection.

"Going home to Country, reconnecting with cultural practices, language, lore, healing, and medicine has been a wonderous experience, sitting with and being taught by her family's Senior Elder, a Senior Lore woman, Aunties and Uncles is a priceless and humbling experience".

Mel is an international bestselling author, her most recently published book is a Star Dreaming story written and illustrated for children. Launched on Gomeroi Country in 2022, her family's Senior Elder approved this as a dreamtime story for their people.

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Mel Armstrong Proud Gomeroi Woman

Spiritual mysteries are a draw card for many, looking at the why, the wonder and translating challenges into experiences of light. In 2010, Mel received her spiritual name, Anjani Devi from Shakti Durga. A spiritual name draws on the energy of the name, as our teachers say, anything new is a starting point, however you need to grow into this, which takes dedication, patience and a great sense of humour! In Sanskrit Anjani means Illusion or the mother of Hanuman, a Hindu God. Devi means goddess, heavenly, divine, anything of excellence.

Working with the different spiritual mysteries brings so much awareness, clarity and understanding. We’re such vast beings, complicated and multi-faceted; we have so much at our finger tips to learn from and explore, it’s a blessing to experience the traditions of others, be welcomed and taught; it’s humbling to sit with masterful people of any tradition, something to be valued and respected. Holding gratitude for the offerings of such teachers enhances what we are given, it shows we respect their traditions, value their wisdom and appreciate their time. Nothing less than we would wish for ourselves.

Shakti Durga is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and author who has studied with many masters internationally for nearly 30 years. 

Star Dreaming launch

    Senior Gomeroi Elder, Uncle Neville Sampson, introducing Mel’s story from “Star Dreaming” as a Dream Time story:

    “I’m going to read you the story To Fly Though the Stars. This is written by Mel. When I read it, I thought ‘this is so beautiful’. I couldn’t believe how well it was written. And to write a good dreamtime story, is a great thing. Especially in our people, and with our children. And the children loves, our Dream time stories.”

  • Guest presentation and panel discussion

    National Indigenous Social and-emotional Wellbeing Forum 2022

    Mel welcomed the experience of connecting with so many community leaders with a common purpose during this event.

    "Being given the opportunity to present and contribute in this space to peers has been an absolute priviledge. I presented about Transgenerational Trauma, reflecting on our histories, acknowledging all aspects that have moved us to where we are to support each other and our future generations to lead healthier and more connected lives.

    Integrating culture, holistic practices, truth telling and mainstream health needs is a healthier way forward for our people - learning from our wisdom holders, healers, medicine men and women, language holders, bush tucker wisdom, working with the natural world as a normality; not as an aside."

    Mel's panel discussion

    Creating positive change by sharing the collective strength gained from people with lived experiences.

    Empowering lived experiences survivors and supporting them to draw on their insights, to facilitate impactful suicide prevention solutions that drive positive change.

    Developing strategies to focus on and support the families, carers and those affected by the loss of a loved one.

    Creating a positive understanding for sharing the pain and encouraging survivors to share their story to contribute towards a healthy and sustainable community.

    Mel's presentation topic

    Collaborating with community to identify and reduce the effects of intergenerational trauma to help future generations lead more successful lives.

    Examining the history of collective and cultural abuse and how it can be avoided for future generations.

    Understanding the health and social challenges linked to intergenerational trauma.

    Building strategies on how to break the cycle within communities for the benefit of future generation.

    Image courtesy of event organisers

    Acknowledging and celebrating important dates

    Sorry Day 2022

    Mel Armstrong at Sorry Day 2022
    Mel Armstrong at Sorry Day 2022Mel Armstrong at Sorry Day 2022
    Mel Armstrong at Sorry Day 2022

    Reconciliation Week 2022

    Mel Armstrong and Kim Durga Reconciliation Week 2022
    Mel Armstrong and Kim Durga Reconciliation Week 2022
    Mel Armstrong and Kim Durga Reconciliation Week 2022

    Photos courtesy of Hanumani

    "Going home to Country, reconnecting with cultural practices, language, lore, healing, and medicine has been a wonderous experience, sitting with and being taught by her family's Senior Elder, a Senior Lore woman, Aunties and Uncles is a priceless and humbling experience".

    Mel Armstrong

    Artwork by Jodie Herden
    This piece represents women and the strength they epitomise! Women are the creators, the nurturers, the mediators, the matriarchs! They hold many families and communities together, in strength of spirit, love, kindness and compassion.

    Proudly part of the Pride community

    Being a part of the rainbow tribe for many years, Mel openly identifies, advocates and supports inclusivity by promoting ongoing education, awareness and the courage to speak.

    Being a part of this community is a privilege. Without expectation of expert awareness, there’s a safety and welcome here like no other; every person in the community understands exclusion, expression, courage and growth.

    The Progress Pride Flag colours represent:

    = Life
    Orange = Healing
    Yellow = New ideas
    Green = Prosperity
    Blue = Serenity
    Violet = Spirit
    Black/Brown = First Nations Peoples
    White/Blue/Pink = Trans community

    Mel Armstrong, Mardi Gras 2014

    Mardi Gras 2014

    Quote from "Star Dreaming" published in 2022, a beautiful First Nations children's book

    "When you see with your hearts, what you see in others is beautiful, even if they are different to you."

    Mel Armstrong

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