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Weaving cultural connection with holistic and mainstream approaches

"The vast light that we all hold within our being outweighs any story that we can tell ourselves. We just need to be brave and look at the love that we are, not the perception of the absence of this."

Mel Armstrong

Mel's approach

Mel has a technique that compliments different modalities. After studying with international master healers for many years, her own techniques started to amplify.

Using a combination of holistic, cultural connection and mainstream practice, Mel brings you to a place that’s closer to your heart, gently working with your spirit to move through what is presenting as a challenge to you.

Mel’s focus is working with the person to create a safe space. Combining IYS (Ignite Your Spirit Therapy) and shamanism, Mel walks with you exploring the various dimensions of your being. Moving through the guidance by Elders, it’s a wonderous place to spiritually explore for further understanding of barriers, repetitive patterns or what could be draining your spirit.

Our physical issues often are held in place by trying to bypass our emotional needs, responses or what we perceive as a negative or bad experience. Approaching this practically, gently and in a safe environment is paramount to start to learn to work with ourselves in a way that is in communication with our environment, the elements and what often holds the key to the lense we view ourselves and our experiences from. 

Mel's experience

Mel changed her direction in 2005 to start working in combination with the mainstream world of health and wellness while introducing holistic practice. She has been supporting individuals, families and carers to come to more peace with many things.

From diagnosis, recovery, various forms of transitional care to and from the community including physical and mental health, AOD (alcohol and other drugs), palliative care, domestic violence, homelessness, and probation and parole.

Mel's focus is on the spark that is the soul, not the label. The vast light that we all hold within our being outweighs any story that we can tell ourselves, we just need to be brave and look at the love that we are, not the perception of the absence of this.

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Client testimonials

"A third pregnancy in 4 years has been rough on my body and meeting Mel has been an absolute blessing! She has helped with everything from hip and back pain, to pulled muscles, and nausea. She’s gentle and non-invasive and makes me so comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Mel - an absolute dream ❤️❤️!"

– Ellie

"I suffer from migraine often, I was pleasantly surprised that within 10 minutes of the session, not only had my migraine gone, I had no pain anywhere, I was relaxed and I felt a different level of calm in my body. I could really feel the energy moving within me. As a skeptic, it was something amazing to experience and feel so much benefit from, thank you!"

– Jackie

"I went to see Mel after seeing her give someone else a healing session out on country that was quite profound. It was a shamanic journey with complete awareness of where we were, what was happening yet we were in a different place all together. Mel could describe what I was seeing as I was seeing it and guided me through the path and journey which was something I hadn’t experienced in a healing before. The guidance, support and purity of the energy in the session was beautiful, powerful and supportive. Her connection blew me away!"

– Liza

"Mel is extremely clairvoyant and knows exactly where to go in the body either hands on or just by looking at you. Her intuition is fantastic, she can read what is happening and clear old blockages not just physically but the energy of them overall. Mel was able to take me into parts of myself that I really didn't feel comfortable with, supported me to understand them, then helped me start to work with them which really motivated me to become more empowered to create change that I really needed."

– Lyn

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Integrate Your Energy logo

Integrate Your Energy

Mel's healing work comes under the banner of "Integrate Your Energy", registered with Supply Nation as a 100% Indigenous owned and operated business.

Mel's inspiration for this logo came from the desire to represent both her spirituality and Aboriginal Culture.

The black and white feet signify having a foot in both worlds and the partnerships in place here in Australia. The red, black, and yellow in the double helix represents her Aboriginal culture (from the colours of the Aboriginal flag), and the gold for Christ consciousness.

Click this logo to find out more about Supply Nation:

Supply Nation

A quote from "Star Dreaming" published in 2022, a beautiful
First Nations children's book

"Remember, your heart is always happiest when it’s connected to its spirit. Our spirit is what gives us our strength, what makes us unique".

Mel Armstrong

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Terms and conditions

When you book an appointment, it is assumed that you have read and understood these conditions

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    State of mind

    Please advise at the time of booking, whether you're currently under the care of a mental health professional for an acute condition, and whether you're on any medication.

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    Respect for the sacred

    Please refrain from taking substances such as alcohol or recreational drugs within 48 hours of your appointment.
    This is as much for your sake as mine.

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    Cancellation policy

    I have limited appointments available at the moment, so if you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so by email no more than 72 hours prior to your appointment.

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