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Self-published and international bestselling author 

"Writing is such a cathartic and joyous experience. It transports me to a place that feels like the inner sanctum of whatever it is that I’m looking at, feeling deeply connected by heart, mind and spirit; it’s like wrapping myself up in the soft, warm and vast energy of the moment; experiencing everything within the celestial world; then seeing it coming down into the physical world. It’s quite a profound and beautiful experience that lights up my heart and expands every piece of my being."

Mel Armstrong

Books available for purchase

Star Dreaming

Self-published in 2022

First Nations Children’s book containing two stories written by cousins, and beautifully illustrated in watercolours. 

Available in paperback

AUD $19.99

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Star Dreaming
Innovation Secrets paperbacks

Innovation Secrets

Global leaders building a better world through creative business ideas

Published in 2021 by Golden Earth Publishing

25 authors contributed to it becoming an international bestseller.

Available in paperback

AUD $25

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Mel's journey

Mel has co-authored two beautiful published works.

Mel has been writing for many years with a dream of publishing work. In Mel’s early years, she struggled with literacy, numeracy and comprehension; doing much more than the basics felt like light years away, if ever at all.

Moving through her life with many challenges, Mel knew what it was to feel disempowered and feel viewed as less than. From this, her goal was to improve in every area of her life and have the chances that she saw available for others.

Following a messy divorce, Mel was determined to show her two young sons that “NO” was not necessarily a bad thing or the final answer. Returning to adult education as a single mother, Mel needed to create a new path forward with different opportunities.

After many years of broad learning within the areas of health, wellness, spirituality while undertaking many years of personal healing and mentoring, Mel could see the opportunities presenting.

Mel can be booked for author talks and presentations.

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Children's Book Council of Australia

It was a beautiful experience to be invited to speak about "Star Dreaming" and offer a presentation to the Children's Book Council of Australia, NSW Branch in June 2022. 

Learning a very small amount of the work that's involved with the different elements of this was a fantastic opportunity.

The members who were present were so welcoming. Such a positive and interactive experience. 

Image: Courtesy of the Children's Book Council of Australia NSW New England and North Western branch.

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More about Mel's books

Innovation Secrets

Mel Armstrong co-author of Innovation Secrets
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Multi-author book published by Golden Earth Publishing
AUD $25 plus postage

Working on this project was quite the journey. Being my first published work, I felt quite pressured to just get something out. Upon much
self-reflection, what kept me focussed was a repetitive paragraph to self; “If this is the only thing you ever publish, what is important for you to say right now, exactly where you are at, without regret or permission?” It certainly helped!

My section was called 'The Brilliance of adversity and the integration of the human spirit – empowering others through the navigation of connection'. My work for many years has been based on connection and provoking thought, without it, there can be no change.

Covering many things regarding personal and professional development, it also looks at the obstacles that we often remain silent about including our inability to fully self-reflect, speak up in situations where racism is at play or how we mismanage our own discomfort and allow non inclusiveness to continue because we just don’t know what to say.

As a multi-author project, we were able to connect with many others who were very like-minded. Like anything, the process of creation and becoming more visible brings its own unique feels, challenges and joys. Every part of your life demands another version of you, when you become more visible publicly, you are bound to hit elements of your unconscious that you didn’t know were there, like turning up the light in a room that’s been dark for years, you will find things that were never in your awareness; the secret is to be able to look at it, accept that it’s there and apply the tools to clean it up.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this, it was a wonderful learning curve and accomplishment.

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Audio recording of Uncle Neville during the launch of
Star Dreaming:

Star Dreaming

Self published by Ella & Mei Productions of which I am co-founder
AUD $19.99 plus postage

Co-authored with my cousin. Beautifully written and illustrated stories to connect the hearts, minds, and spirits of children (and parents) while exploring the Dreaming, the Aboriginal Culture and the role that connection with Country and our Elders play—what’s true to our hearts. This book has been translated in places into the Aboriginal Gamilaraay language. Loss of language has been one of the horrific losses for our people, thankfully now, we have the opportunities to bring this safely back, restoring a different aspect of connection that was lost and hidden away for many, many years.

Part of my purpose is to provoke thought, without it there can be no change. Bringing awareness to our similarities, irrespective of culture, plays a vital role in bridging the gap of difference. It’s been such a pleasure to write so honestly of experiential ways to support more
self-awareness and self-compassion for our younger generations.

Honouring our Culture, and family who were like many, separated by the stolen generations was a privilege. Part of the detriment to our people was the loss of their language, displacement and segregation; this beautiful book shows the natural longing to belong; to reconnect with our country, culture, family, language and traditional practices. Supporting people of all ages to gently step into their hearts and identities is so important, it’s a part of the healing process.

My story, 'To Fly Through the Stars', holds special meaning for me; it highlights aspects of how I experience connection with many facets of this. My family is highlighted here, my mother, children, nieces and nephews and cousins are named in the story; the overall project is dedicated my family who are all affected by the Stolen Generation, my Grandmother Mei, her sister Ella and the journey of our family as they walk forward, reconnecting the pieces.

It's been beautifully received and read in many schools across Australia.

Inside Story

Compilation book published by United Publishers of Armidale
AUD $25 available from Peribo

"Inside Story: the wonderful world of writing, illustrating and publishing children's book" compiled by Sophie Masson, Kathy Creamer, Beattie Alvarez, and Peter Creamer.

The story behind the publication of "Star Dreaming" is featured in the chapter about Alternative Publishing Models.

Inside Story is a fabulous showcase of the richness and diversity of contemporary Australian children's books.

An attractive full-colour production, it is packed with tips, advice, illuminating quotes and anecdotes. The stellar list of contributors includes writers, illustrators, editors, publishers, agents and reviewers from across Australia.

Inside Story is an invaluable resource and reference book for aspiring writers, illustrators, editors and designers. It will also appeal to anyone interested in Australian children's books.

Available directly from Peribo.

Mel's books are ideal for book clubs


Both books refer to the importance of connection. The connection with ourselves is paramount in learning to manage ourselves while self-reflecting in all of our experiences, journeys, challenges and triumphs.

Our journey to becoming more empowered in self determination takes ongoing work, courage and tenacity. Learn to take a break rather than quit when the chips are down, then keep going; change the method but never the goal if it’s what you really long for.

Image: depicts a part of the sky considered by Aboriginal Astronomers, to represent the Emu in the Sky, the spirit Emu Gawarragay (Gamilaraay).

Star Dreaming launch

Uncle Neville Sampson reading Mel's story

February 2022

Click the image to play the video

Praise for "Star Dreaming"

"I loved Star Dreaming, you cant help but smile when you read it, I really loved the connection to spirit it demonstrated, and how uplifting it was. I always look twice when I see a cockatoo now and it brings back that feeling of connection."

– Lisa

"Me & the the lil fella absolutely loved the books, as did my Mum.

You’ve done a wonderful job you should be so proud! Bought tears to my eye reading them.

It’s frustrating sometimes because I’m in Dharawal country, but there just are no books down here from our country, they are mostly Dharawal & Darug with a couple of Arnhem and Central Aus books so it was exciting and wonderful to be able to get them and share them with my son and Mum, she loved hers too."

– Laura

"Me and my sister are 6 years apart. It's not often we have read something together and spent so long after discussing and laughing. Even though the book is more about connection to Country, I guess it shows connection is inside us."

– Taner

"My heart was touched by this beautiful children’s book. It is warm, gentle, authentic and inclusive. As I read I was transported with the children in the stories to a place where family, country and those who have walked before us illuminate what it means to belong. Our children are our future and our way forward. Star Dreaming is a magic guiding light that beckons us all, young and old, Indigenous and non Indigenous, to look, listen and connect with the heart - to each other, to country, to the ancestors and to the stars.

My heart was touched by this beautiful children’s book. It is warm, gentle, authentic and inclusive. As I read I was transported with the children in the stories to a place where family, country and those who have walked before us illuminate what it means to belong. Our children are our future and our way forward. Star Dreaming is a magic guiding light that beckons us all, young and old, Indigenous and non Indigenous, to look, listen and connect with the heart - to each other, to country, to the ancestors and to the stars."

– Gill Oxley

"I loved reading such a lovely deep beautiful story especially having the family connection for over three generations."

– Diane

"Star Dreaming has to be one of the most beautiful children's books I've ever seen. The artwork and the stories are so enjoyable and engaging. This book is a real treasure, and our children would benefit from having this on the bookshelves at school and at home."

– Shelley

Being self-published

    Mel Armstrong bestselling author

    Mel Armstrong

    Director and co-founder, Ella & Mei Productions

    Mel co-founded Ella & Mei Productions in 2021. 
    "Star Dreaming" was the first project, published in 2022.

    Mel is a proud First Nations Gomeroi Woman, whose purpose is to provoke thought, without it there is no change. Supporting healing, reconnection, education and understanding in many forms. Mel's Grandmother is Mei Kim, sister of Ella Kim. The ongoing connection with these names reminds her of the blessings that come from this beautiful culture, why they have a voice, and where her strength to share comes from.

    Following the launch of Star Dreaming in 2022, a change of circumstances led to Mel being the sole proprietor of Ella & Mei Productions. 

Praise for "Innovation Secrets: 
Global Leaders Building A Better World
Through Creative Business Ideas"

"I love reading about the way awakening to more soul connection and a spiritual path helps create a new authetic model for business in all areas of life, lawyers, architecture and caring for others and much more. Twenty five stories of encouragement and light. Very inspiring for anyone who wants to create a dream business from their souls gift. Anyone who dreams of changing the world. Highly recommend!"

– Vikki

"This book contains so many great pearls of wisdom to inspire creative thinking at a time when doing things differently is imperative. Reading about how others have reinvented themselves or their business, or are approaching things from a completely different direction, is stimulating so many ideas. Reading a chapter a day has been a delight."

– Shelley

"Just a great collection of stories, we can all learn from other people’s journeys."

– Elizabeth

"This book speaks to me! Creativity and innovation are supporting us in building a better way. If you have ever felt stifled in business, open this book and know you are not alone. Cheers to those brave enough to innovate!"

– Anonymous

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Launching Star Dreaming

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